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Corporate Culture Employ Agency97


We’re delighted to announce that we’ve been working with Corporate Culture to help them refine the online presentation of their offer.

Corporate Culture is a leading employee engagement agency based out of Liverpool and London. It uses its research, strategy and creative expertise to help some of the UK’s biggest brands – including the Co-op, Unilever, Asda and AstraZeneca – to engage their workforce in internal change and transformation.

We’ve been in a consultancy phase the past few months, working in tandem with Corporate Culture’s web developers to optimise how its digital presence communicates its services to clients and prospects. We are now leveraging our marketing experience to large and enterprise businesses to help Corporate Culture drive leads.

“Agency97 is a great fit for our needs,” says Corporate Culture’s Nakita Haland. “We’ve found the team there to be friendly, accessible and pro-active. The whole process has flowed smoothly, and we’re already seeing the positive outcomes.”

Saul Malpass of Agency 97 says: “I get excited by these projects. We get to really feel part of the company’s journey by assisting them digitally. We’ve already seen some organic search terms around Corporate Culture’s offer really take-off, and I look forward to seeing even more progress over the coming months.”