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Roche opt for the Agency97 lifestyle

We are delighted to announce we are now working with Roché Systems Ltd on their search strategy and organic growth.


Roché Systems Ltd identified the need to separate out their commercial and lifestyle products within their business to provide a better experience to their respective customers. They have recently launched a new website to help deliver this and we will look to build a strong search presence to drive the right traffic and conversions.

Historically Roché have ran successful PPC campaigns driving leads and conversions effectively. However, they are keen to bring down their cost of acquisition by having a strong organic presence as well.

Agency97 have advised on the new website build from an SEO perspective and put together an organic strategy.  This incorporates a full search query market taking into account long tail conversions and the need for local optimisation. Further to this we have worked with Roché on their content strategy both for their own website and promotional purposes.

Agency97’s Head of Digital Marketing, Saul Malpass said “We’re delighted to be working with Roché and hope they enjoy the 97 experience. We’ve taken a very collaborative approach with the Roche team, which in my experience is always the quickest way of getting results. “

Roché Systems Ltd.’s Tony North said “We have chosen to work with Agency97 because of the support and experience they provide in terms of search marketing. Having gone through the hectic period of a new site launch we were thankful to have a partner we trusted and knew we could rely on for help. They are flexible in the way they work and most importantly align well to our specific needs”