Agency97 Limited

UK Hearing Care and Agency97 build new insights in hearing care

Leading hearing care specialist UK Hearing Care (UKHC) are using Agency97’s expertise in customer insight to help them optimise the brand experience for their customers.


UK Hearing Care have a different approach to hearing care with home visits and a partnership with Age UK as well as a unique hearing assessment and a range of manufacturers on offer.  The challenge is to better understand how customers progress through the hearing care journey and identify specific needs that can be met through their offering.

The consultancy delivered a persona based approach to segment the market and map specific journeys and information needs along the way.  This helped to identify how communications could be structured to meet needs across all touchpoints. 

Head of Consultancy Richard White said “It was great to use our experience in the healthcare sector and apply it in a practical way to unearth new ways of looking at the market.  This work is the starting point to drive both marketing strategy and tactics for a great proposition and deliver a competitive edge”.

Helen Hanratty, Director of Marketing at UKHC said “we were looking to gain new insights into our market and drive our go to market strategy in a way that was fully aligned with our customers.  It’s critical to look at things from their perspective and it was great to see our customers come to life and also identify new opportunities for connecting with them”.